That's nice that you visit my Personal Page!

OK! Here are the information about myself:

That´s me!

Name: Jörg Töllner

Birthday: 1963 (Ask me for exact date!)

Profession: I'm working in a Softwarecompany

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Computer (Programming (in C / C++ / PERL, JavaScript, PHP, VBA and more), Gaming, InterNet, Videocutting, DTP, Rendering, MAGIC the Gathering, Sailing, Rowing, Jokes (collecting and telling :-) )

What I hate:
Smokers, Bad Jokes, Politicians, InterNet Censorship, Commercials in TV/Radio, Rude People, People who watch Sports in TV for hours and hours

What I like:
Good and much Eating, Good Discussions with Friends, Watching TV, Producing myself as an Entertainer, Playing BackGammon at FIBS

What I try to do ... but not (yet) very succesfull:
Playing good Keyboard and Guitar, Music-Composing

What I'll never do:
Bunjee Jumping, Skydiving, Playing Soccer, Go to prison :-)), Marry somone (so i think NOW! :-) )