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Perceptual Diff GUI is a graphical frontend for the Perceptual Diff utilitiy by Hector Yee to batch compare two branches of image files in a human visible (perceptual - not binary) way and move and rename files depending on match results

Inspired by a request from DC member Tat1990, who dug up a nice utility named Perceptual Diff, which compares two images in a perceptual (respecting human vision) way for differences, the idea to this app was born. Tat1990 complained, that the Perceptual Diff utility is a hard to handle CLI application and lacks the capability to compare a whole branch (subtree) of images against another branch of images in batch mode. Also she was in need to move the images from branch1 (i.e. some new images you want to add to your collection) to branch2 (i.e. a "library" or your collection) under the subdir of the image of branch2 (your collection) that best match the actual image of branch1 (the new images to add), keeping all the original subdirs of the branch1 image. Furthermore she wanted to rename the image from branch1 following the best match image filename of branch2.

To help her out here, i wrote the PerceptualDiff GUI (Perceptual Diff Graphic User Interface) app, that firstly gives the possibility to nicely and easily handle all the parameters of the Perceptual Diff CLI utility with TextControls, SpinControls and Sliders. Secondly it adds move, rename and batch capability of an unlimited amount of image files processed unnattendedly. And lastly you get a nice logfile for the archives with all actions that PerceptualDiff GUI did or would have done. Moving and Renaming are not mandantory, so you can also just get a report of which images match best with which other.

Perceptual Diff GUI in action

And as this is a portable app that is self contained and don't need any installation you can use it everywhere just right out of the box.

After that i realized, that this maybe useful for others too and developed the quick and dirty thing up to a usable and showable application. And with the upcoming NANY event, that was my chance to join the game. And here it is. :)

A word about the Perceptual Diff utility

My app is just a convinient frontend to the Perceptual Diff utility of Hector Yee (http://pdiff.sourceforge.net). This utility uses a special comparing method that is not simply a binary byte-by-byte comparison. Rather this utility respects some rules of human vision and therefore compares the two images like a human would look at these pictures and decide if they are similar or totally different. The threshold for what is considered similar is adjustable. PerceptualDiff GUI always finds the BEST PERCEPTUAL MATCH of the images, depending on the given threshhold and based on the results returned by Hectors Perceptual Diff utility, comparing every picture from branch1 with every picture on branch2.

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This program is FREE DONATIONWARE for personal use only. You can use this program for free and without any restrictions in a non commercial environment as long as you leave the copyright annotation unchanged!

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If you want to use it in a commercial environment or want to include it in a software compilation of any type, please contact me for an agreement. Selling of this program is strictly prohibited.

This program is released AS IS, with the hope that its functionality is useful for someone. The program is well tested, but correct functionality under all circumstances can not be guaranteed. The author can not be held responsible for any damage that happens to your hardware, software or data material from using this program. Use it at OWN RISK!

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