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Of Course there are many good Links all over the web, but this links i use very often and i like them. Try it out, perhaps there is a good link for you too!

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Search Engines and Utilities

Altavista Search for a Website or a Usenet-Mail! Here it is!
Yahoo! The most famous moderated Search-Engine
Excite Like Altavista! Sometimes better than it!
Lycos Another Search-Engine!
WebCrawler Yet another Search-Engine! A Search-Engine for German-Pages only! Not too big, but only Pages in German-Language are here.
FTP search You are looking for a specific File? Use FTP-Search!
Four11 You are looking for a specific E-MAIL-Adress? That's it!
Anonymizer Keep anonymous while surfing the net! Use this!
MovieDatabase Do you want to know something special about a special movie? Actors, Directors etc.? This is what you need!
DejaNews Search the most UseNet Groups for specific Articles (also Articles from the past!)
Kinoservice Stuttgart Do you live in Stuttgart an want to go to cinema this evening? This is what you need! Search where, when, what movie is running. Prices and Cinema-Comfort-Reviews included. GREAT!


Sharewareserver (all very good and good sorted!) Great, powerful Search Engine!
Jumbo!-Shareware! Very well Group-sorted! Find something without knowing the name!


GameslogoGame and Entertainment

Riddler Play games and win Prizes! Registration required! All Free!
FileFactory Clues, Patches, Solutions, Tips, Tricks, FAQs for hundred of Games!
The Internet Chessclub How was it in "Wargames": What about a nice game of Chess? Play with guys all over the World. Guests are welcome and free. (JAVA enabled Browser required!)
Virtual Voodoo Doll You ever want sending a selfmade Vodoo-Doll to your Boss or someone else? A great fun! Here it is! Try it out!


NotesMusic and Midi

Okoto Worlds Computer Music Resources Special thanks for this link are going to Scott from Bearmountain school ( who pointed me to this really informative page. Without his hint i'd have missed that great source of information for sure.

A really great collection of information about electronic/computer music, music theory and sound physics. From human music perception over Synthesis/Sampling basics, composing with computers, history of computer/electronic music, mathematics of DSP (Digital Sound Processing), MIDI standards and much more. With a bunch of interesting links.
Vikram's MIDI-Fest Lot's of good MIDI-Files! Well sorted!
Classical Midis Classical Midis from all Composers. Do you like Beethoven, Mozart, Smetana a.s.o.?
Mikes Midi Page What do you think what you find? Right! Midi files! :-)
Music Kings Ultimate Midi Archive ... and again! ...
Computer Karaoke Homepage My new Hobby Computer Karaoke! Try it out!
Danmans Song Library Lyrics and Information to hundreds of Songs!
RealMedia Get the free RealPlayer! Hear Internet Radio and watch Internet Television from all over the world live in REALTIME and STEREO (V 3.0 and a fast Internet-Connection required)


Maglogo_klMagic the Gathering

Wizards of the Coast The Makers of this great Game! All Card-Lists, Infos about new releases, Duelist-online, ...



Marit.Telecommunications Many informations about GMDSS from the United States Coast Guard!
Inmarsat The Satellite-Organzation for Radio Telecommunication at Sea!
IMO front page International Maritime Organization. A bunch of information about Safety at Sea! (Not only GMDSS!)


TVLogoGerman TV

TV-Movie Online Create your personal TV-Butler-Programinfo. Lot's of Infos!
PRO-SIEBEN ONLINE Search for specific Program-Highlights. Good Timetablefunctions.
Tagesschau Watch the most popular German TV-News - VDO Video plugin needed!



ASV Stuttgart You love sailing? You want to get a sailing license? This is your site. A full offer for all Courses. A must for sailing fans!
Terratec The world's best Soundcard for the PC!
Meteofax The Weatherforecast with Satellite Pictures
City Information Stuttgart Interested in the town where i live? Go there and inform you about History, Culture, Theater, Musical, A Graphic Citymap, etc. etc. etc.
StuttgartLinks All you want to know about activities in Stuttgart...GREAT!
m.o.p.s. GmbH Need a free, powerful Webcounter? A professional offer for all Webservices. Please visit, its worth!